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Welcome to Rochester Cabinet Pros, one of the leading local cabinet makers in south east Minnesota and southern metro area.  With our easy process we can make remodeling your Kitchen a smooth process to ensure that your kitchen is the center point to your home.  From design to installation our Rochester Kitchen cabinet experts will help guide you through picking out the best products for your home kitchen remodel. 

What You will Get

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With our custom stain matching department, we can make it easy to get the perfect color for your home remodel.  Whether it is new custom kitchen cabinets or designing an entertainment center, selecting colors has never been easier.


These cabinets offer a limited amount of colors, door styles, and cabinet sizes.  Although the quality is better than box cabinets the price point of this style comes in lower than custom cabinets and higher than your standard box cabinets.


Affordable cabinets can offer you a quick and easy selection process because of their limited colors and cabinet selections.  You can mix and match these cabinets with our other options to keep some of your cost down by just doing some cabinets in semi-custom and doing some with affordable cabinets. 


Kitchen countertops are a great way to brighten up any kitchen. Choosing a countertop that goes with your cabinets can be fun and complex. That is why we try to make the process smooth and easy when looking at countertops.

Why Rochester Kitchen Cabinet Pros

Looking to reach maximum potential for your cabinet needs?

Looking for top quality and affordable cabinets for your project?  Whether it is a remodel or new construction, from rochester to the south metro markets. Our trusted cabinetry experts will work one-on-one with you to provide a fully committed design, estimate and timeline on our top quality products and services.

Work with us to get a free 3D design of your cabinet project to help you visualize your space.

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Top Reason for New Kitchen Cabinets

What are the top reasons to update your kitchen cabinets? Your kitchen is the center point of your home and the first thing people see when entering your residence. Updating your kitchen cabinets can have many benefits which include


  • Upping the value of your home for re-sale
  • Increasing workflow throughout your kitchen
  • Maximizing storage and organization throughout the kitchen
  • Giving your kitchen a new updated look
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