Get in touch with our cabinet professionals today for a Free kitchen design. Please fill out the form below and we will give you a call or email back as soon as we can. Or give us a call at (651)488-2001 to reach out with any questions you might have about our services.

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Please choose a budget you would feel most comfortable in. This helps us determine which service, design and selections you can choose to help keep you on budget

Our service area includes south east Minnesota to south of the Cities and everywhere inbetween with our main areas for installing new cabinets includes Dodgecenter, Byron, Spring Valley, St Charles, Stewartville, Pine Island, Cannon Falls, Lakeville, Hastings, Red Wing, Lake city and Wabasha.

Are you starting out in your kitchen design process but don’t know where to start? Our quick no obligation quote option is a great place to start. This will help you determine a rough cost of what new cabinets will cost you to help you understand your budget. This will give you a perfect overlook for any project without wasting tons of time talking to Designers and waiting weeks for a quote. This easy 4 step process will simplify your process:

1. Take a picture of your current kitchen cabinets “make sure to get all your cabinets” Or if you want to draw it up you can do that as well which is easiest if you will be taking out walls or any other major kitchen renovations. Below is a sample of a hand sketch drawing. Measure from start to end of your cabinets on each wall and lay that out on the paper. For most accurate info please include both pictures and a drawing.

2. Do you want your cabinets to go to the ceiling? (Yes or no) and your ceiling height. (8ft or 9ft) (84 inches to my soffit)

3. Which line of cabinets are you looking for? Custom cabinets/Semi custom Cabinets/Affordable cabinets. Don’t know which one? that is okay just say I want a quote for all three or I am looking for a semi custom or affordable cabinets.

4. Painted or stained cabinets or Both! Have not decided yet? That is okay just choose one to start with

Gather all this information and send it over to – (include “Quick Estimate” in subject line) Please include your name, address and city your located in.

For more accurate quote please add the following information if known in the email: Wood species (if stained), door style, Do you want your refrigerator enclosed, do you want to add a wood hood or any other necessary information that you want to provide

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