Custom Cabinets

Custom Cabinets in Rochester MN

Whether you are trying to match the existing decor in your home or going for a new look, custom cabinets can help. With our custom stain matching department, we can make it easy to get the perfect color for your home remodel. Whether it is new custom kitchen cabinets or designing an entertainment center, selecting colors has never been easier.

Offering the best materials available makes this the best solution for you. We offer a wide variety of wood species and colors which are limitless. You can start by looking through are 82 different stock paints and stains. If those are not for you, we can make a custom stain for you, match a stain or paint color of your choosing.

Painted Cabinets

For painted cabinets we have a standard group of color selections to offer with 21 different paint color options. We update our trendy paint colors often to keep the most popular colors on hand. We can also match any Sherwin Williams or Diamond Vogel colors to create the most amazing cabinetry for your home remodel.

Stained Cabinets

Our stained cabinets can bring out the beauty in any type of wood. Whether you want to add a stain or do it naturally to preserve the true color and beauty of the wood. Staining your cabinets can contrast any room to make it an ideal gathering place or just simply add value to your home.

Glazed Cabinets

Glazing your cabinets can offer a unique look to make your kitchen stand out. A glazed cabinet is hand crafted by applying a semitransparent color over the already stained or painted finish. This adds depth and dimension to your cabinet doors and crown molding. The glaze is then hand wiped off all flat surfaces and gets left behind in profiles and corners to create an immaculate detail.

Why Go With Custom Cabinets?

The simple answer is because it looks more “finished” than any other type of cabinet.

Options for door styles and finishes are limitless on what can be accomplished.

You have the ability to create something that is meant for your specific needs and style. The cabinets can be built to the 1/16th of an inch so use of fillers is not necessary. Also, these cabinets are scribed to the wall to make sure you have the best look possible.

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